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Jackson Keller—Kate Gale’s loneliest girl Poetry Book Review

Author Kate Gale’s seventh book, loneliest girl (University of New Mexico Press, 2022),

takes the reader on a vulnerable journey of raw emotion and hardship. Men and masculinity are challenged in this very poignant story told from the female point of view. Adapting the timeless

myth of Medusa, Gale spins an original heart-wrenching tale of the modern trials of womanhood.


Outlining sections as “Before,” “During” and “After” creates a seamless flow through a timeline of abuse. While battling sexism within the walls of one’s own home and the reality of abuse, Gale leads her

readers through a tumult of expression that speaks to the injustice experienced by so many

women in the world today.


Commenting on social issues without beating around the bush is a specialty of Gale’s:

“Carry this story forward: Rape is the fault of the victim. // Carry this story forward: The female

turns the key, opens the door.”


While her story is one of tragedy and grief, Gale leads her readers to an ending of hope, courage and power that gives the story to the reader to finish in their own way. “Have you ever wished to be transformed? // This is that story.”


Gale’s ability to empower women to create their own lives and claim their own destinies is truly remarkable. With lines and stanzas full of metaphor and intense diction articulating the real and raw, this book will take you on a journey of anger, apathy, empathy, and closure.

Jackson Keller

Jackson Keller is a recent graduate of Utah Tech University’s creative writing program and plans to pursue and MFA for creative writing in the near future. He is excited to be getting married and can’t wait to start life as a married man. He’d like to thank all his English professors at Utah Tech for their support and encouragement that has helped get him to where he is today!




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