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Matthew Hays—Poetry FM: American Poetry and Radio Counterculture Book Review

Poetry FM: American Poetry and Radio Counterculture (University of Iowa Press, 2023) by Lisa Hollenbach takes a unique approach to poetry by demonstrating technology through time. This book sets out to detail the relationship between poetry and radio from post-World War II to the late 1980’s and how the emphasis on performance poetry was streamlined. This historical anthology includes the works of famous poets such as Allen Ginsburg, Jack Spicer, Pat Parker, Susan Howe, and countless others to demonstrate the evolution of poetry.


The concept of the book showcases esteemed poetry from the past. Hollenbach includes writers from different backgrounds, aligning their poems with the various social justice movements occurring throughout time. Giving a voice to these poems created an effective experience. The book itself was very informative and is meant to demonstrate the historical aspect of technology and radio.


Hollenbach is currently an assistant professor of American Literature at Oklahoma State University. Herr work is published with the University of Iowa Press, Oxford University Press, and the Chicago Review.


Matthew Hays

Matthew is a senior at Utah Tech majoring in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a Theatre minor and is slated to graduate in the Spring of 2024. Aside from poetry, Matthew also enjoys writing Creative Nonfiction and Playwriting, and hopes to pursue a career in all three styles. He plans to move back to his home state of Alaska after graduation and is looking forward to using his degree!




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