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"Bryce W. B. Nuthatch" by Phil Douglass, Issue 7

Our history is a long one. We are indebted to the editors and submitters who put their time and efforts into making Route 7 Review what it is today. We hope you enjoy perusing through the years of inspiration and talent that make up these editions as much as us.

Issue 8
published 2020
Issue 7

published 2019
Issue 6
published 2018
Issue 5
published 2017
Issue 4 
published 2016
Issue 3
published 2015
Issue 2
published 2014
Issue 1
published 2013

Past Editorial Staff

Faculty Editors

Dr. Olga Pilkington

Dr. Shauna Wight

Dr. Cindy King

Dr. Claire McQuerry

Dr. Stephen Armstrong


Student Interns

Brooke Carpenter

Rachel McBride



Student Editors

Issue 8

Brooke Carpenter

Rachel McBride

Yasel Sanchez

Mary McFadden

James Jared Ford

Jacob Kitchen

Issue 7


Issue 6

Ella Barlow

Shon Beaumont

Krista Kirkham

Cody Tolbert

Cadence Summers

Delaney Marich


Issue 5

Hope Corcoran

Travis Kayhart

Kaytee Carr

Jancyn Mitchell

Brittany Hall

Logan Murdock

Madison Bidinger

Colton Campbell


Issue 4

Ashley Harrison

Rob Gray

Kyle Shaw

Diana Fosett

Leslie Twitchell

JaNay Larsen

David Gardner

Colby Haupt

Kendra Jensen

Lauryn Perkins

Wendy Stabler

Polly Bringhurst

Deanne Martin

Jordan Kerns

Joshua Richens

Desiree Irvine

Jasmine Candland

Ingrid Nalder


Issue 3

Brett Stanfield

David Gardner

Payton Davis


Issue 2

Payton Davis

Christopher Johnson

Michael Nielson


Issue 1

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