Route 7 Review

Issue 7


Bios (Poetry, Art, Drama)


Cactus Tree Scene, Arizona Smith-Lahrman



;Tony Martello



Tony Martello


It is in opposition that I suspend between Helios and Jupiter

Lying low in the solar dust kicked up by Helios and her magnetic pulses

Spat out and orbited around into a

A giant cinnamon twist

To my back, the warmth of her slowly fades

As she drops below blankets of stardust

that cast a rosy light into the night

A fruitful spatial delight

As I lay back, Luna rises in white

Then does her magic as she morphs

Into shades of yellow and gold

By the time she reaches the universal roof

She has transformed into a silvery strawberry

pancake that you won’t see at breakfast time

Natives from across the land gather crates

and baskets weaved with straw

They plan for harvest in morning to pluck the red berry

that waits with morning dew and drizzly fog beading on the green leaves

of the crop

Once a year in June she has a chance to presume

she has a place in space

To steal the light from other planetary delights

Even Jupiter in all his circular might

Entices her with layers of promise that Luna

Can’t escape...

She floats to him

Blushing and blooming

With a celestial desire

To be the most adorned body

In the sky


The Ceiling, LiJune Choi


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Preview - We Get It, the Apocalypse Suck

Murder Ballads


Jeff Fleischer

After brushing a few spare chips into a pile, the portly dealer took the top card from the deck and slapped it forcefully on the discard pile to burn it. He placed the next offering as the fifth card in the middle of the table, and flipped it. The eight of diamonds. If the tavern windows weren’t shut tight, Clive would have sworn he felt a breeze. He tried to keep his expression blank as he revisited his hand and scanned the faces of his opponents.



Duality, Choong Yoon Lee


Visual Arts


Anna Red, Anna Frankl


Collapse, Anna Frankl


Comfortably Dazed, Alex Lee


Delay, Henie Cho


Wasted Heroes, Choong Yoong Lee


Tripical Road, KR Photography


Take the Tranquil Path, Athena Madsen


East Berlin, 2019, Cecilia Gigliotti



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