table of contents



Interview with Leigh Rourks

William Nesbitt

At the Mercy of Another One’s Dreams

Quinn Carver Johnson


Poetry Review

Mary McFadden


Three Book Reviews

Stephen B. Armstrong


Letter to Tom Kryss

Donald Cauble



A Hitch in His Get-Along

Reg Darling


Chipped Attitude

Tracy Werth


Glass Effects

Clark Chatlain


It is Death that Brings Us Spring

Dan Cordoza


Fortune Telling

Luisa Kay Reyes


The One Who Left a Handprint in that Place

Paul Burnham




Nydia Borone


Disaffection’s Misrule

Scott Wilson



Marlo Sholten


Walking on Water

Rick Kempa


Order Up!

Benjamin Austin-Docampo

Visual Art

Emotional Portraits

Michelle Nguyen


Land of Lava

Dillan Johnson


A Bird, A Banjo, and A Happy Guy

Spencer Wilson


Big Sky

Rollin Jewett


Punny Paper Creations

Stevie Howes


Sunset On a Corn Farm

Ovinuchi Ejiohuo 


And I Quote

Edward Supranowicz



Apryl Fox


Bryce W.B. Nuthatch

Phil Douglass



Beth Starger


Petals of Timid Ghosts

Jury S. Judge


Contraluz/Against Light

Guilherme Bergamini


Natural Israel

Brandon Marlon



One Favor in Return

Tony Craidon


The Boy Who Brought the Rain

Trevor Moran


Sinking: A Love Story

J.T. Townley


A River in the Desert

Catherine Pedigo



Jessica Simpkiss


In the Middle of Winter

Kiley Beck



Eric James

Edited By:


Ella Barlow, Shon Beaumont, Krista Kirkham

Cody Tolbert, Cadence Summers, Delaney Marich


Supervised by Dr. Shauna Wight