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Nothing to eat but snow

As far as I can see.

You’ve turned my eyes right, so

I cannot know what’s back of me:

Shadows—violets and blues

In every hue the light

Of winter noon could use

To make the great Salon refuse

Me—those who thought in white

And black. Well, though I'm black

(And stilled), still I was frozen

Out by those by whom I wasn’t chosen.

Do I have eyes behind my head?

Forever at my back:

Time’s wingèd leaves them all for dead.

Now I am loved, the people say!

Your cold revenge, Monet.

Len Krisak

Len Krisak is a prolific poet and four-time champion on Jeopardy! Krisak is the recipient of the Richard Wilbur Prize, Robert Frost Prize, Robert Penn Warren Prize, The Able Muse Poetry Book Award and The New England Poetry Club Book Award. Krisak has poems published or forthcoming in The Antioch Review, The Sewanee Review, The Hudson Review, Raritan, The Southwest Review and The Oxford Book of Poems on Classical Mythology.

Krisak has published books of poetry beginning in 1999 with Fugitive Child, Aralia Press. More recently, Krisak’s published works include Say What You Will, Able Muse, 2020 and The Aeneid, Hackett, 2020.


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