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  • William Robert Carey


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About the Author

William Robert Carey has a B.A. in English from Northwestern University and attended DePaul Graduate School and Columbia Film School. As a member of five entertainment unions, he's worked as a writer, actor, director, and producer, and won awards for writing and directing commercials. He wrote and directed the film, "Jesus In Cowboy Boots," inspired by his novel of the same name. DANIEL/DANIELLE, his play about the fraught relationship between a parent and transgender child, won the 2019 Scribe Play Competition Martha A. Croyle Award for Playwriting Excellence. A monologue from the play was published by Smith & Kraus in “WE/US Monologues for THE GENDER MINORITY.” His memoir about the independent film business, "How NOT To Make A Movie: An Independent Filmmaker In Hollywood Hell" was published by McFarland.


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