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  • Mihika Jindal

One with the Ocean

This inexplicable overlapping enormity, a potent mix of mystery and serenity. Can we prove our mettle in its face? Do we have the courage to dive and embrace?

Akin to it, we run wild, far and wide hiding the flaws with rage, or beaming with pride. Misled to believe we can detangle the enigma within while we don’t even know where to begin.

Unmatched beauty, endless stories untold delirium, agony, narratives so bold washed away like stray shells, or engulfed whole. Who are we kidding, we really have no control.

I gaze at the ocean, soaking in shades of blue. It fathoms my melancholy without needing a clue. I feel one with it, like it knows me by my name. Struggling to tame our insides all the same.

About the Author

Mihika Jindal is a writer of stories, poems, and experiences. Perpetually amused by the complexity of humans and human relations, she ponders about the matters of the heart, longing, and reconciliations. She aggressively rejects hustle culture. You can find her and all her writings on Instagram @mihikajindal.


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