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  • David M. Alper

Odd Amours

I can't cage you as the brutality piles up there is no way out

the oh of agony no doubt gets more wicked every day in a curious way contending with odd amours on this the day after

today there's nothing but this as we argue what is true and what is not the heartache only gets worse

let yes and no battle all the cruel innuendos and let the goodbyes calculate the defiance of the morning I'm reduced to the parts of the unknown and I'm discounting the sobbing imprisoned in this friendship squandered at the end of a long conversation a dreadful heaven is certain insecurity has revealed the talk wrestling with the irrational in this shifting scenery

all the blanks are filled in as we're running around in a hall of lamentable mirrors

About the Author

David M. Alper's forthcoming poetry collection is Hush. His work appears in Invisible City, Quibble, Scapegoat Review, and elsewhere. He is an educator in New York City.


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