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Anne De Nada

How did she get started?  During her first 20 years, she experienced trauma and because there was no support system, the only place she found to go was inward and pray for help.  This is how she began to keep a diary after her parents passed away when she was a teenager.  Her inner world was too chaotic to deal with until she finally discovered professional health. In the meantime, she wrote in her diary crying a lot while pouring her heart out. Being brought up in emotional and financial poverty, she was desperate to get out and the only way in those days was via an education. Even though only 10% of high school children went on to university, she did everything she could to eventually make that happen. She was born in Sydney Australia and as soon as she could, she needed to leave her scene of trauma and travel which became her way of running away from her inner chaos. She travelled to New Zealand and went to Otago University where she met her fiancé who travelled to Ottawa, Canada to obtain his Ph.D. There, she also completed her degree. Her hobbies had since developed from that point. She became a world traveller, a hiker—she hiked the AT trail for 6 months in 1997—, downhill skier, a swimmer, an artist a poet and writer—mother of three and a grandmother of four. She has also dabbled in real estate and purchased her first piece of land at 16—a businesswoman creating 5 to 6 small businesses while being a single woman raising three small children.

David Patton

David was a firefighter and based his short story on a fire he attended some years back when he lived in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. Although this incident occurred in Scotland, the events occur regularly throughout the firefighting world.
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Jacqueline Kierulf

Jacqueline lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Jacqueline's publications include the stories, Forgiven (Tidbits Anthology, University of Pennsylvania), Baking Lessons (Williams Lake Tribune, British Columbia), The Father I Knew, Feeling the Distance, and Preparing (Grief Dialogues in Health Care and Education, US, reprinted from one of my blog pages. After retiring, Jacqueline renewed interest in writing, which began in grade school. Jacqueline writes about grief, family history, travel, and when not writing, reads a good book, exercises, travels, or bakes.

Stephen B. Armstrong

Stephen B. Armstrong’s writing has appeared in Film Quarterly, Filmfax and the South Atlantic Review He is the author of Pictures About Extremes: The Films of John Frankenheimer (McFarland, 2008), Andrew V. McLaglen: The Life and Hollywood Career (McFarland, 2011) and Paul Bartel: The Life and Films (McFarland, 2017). He compiled and edited John Frankenheimer: Interviews, Essays and Profiles (Scarecrow, 2013). His short fiction has appeared in American Writing and Criminal Class Review. Armstrong is currently writing a book about the Ramones.

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Ashlyn Smith McKenna

Ashlyn Smith McKenna is currently an editor for Route 7 Review. She has always loved the arts and continues to broaden her writing abilities by attending DSU earning her undergraduate in English and minoring in Dance. She has previously been published in The Brown Lady Magazine, The Southern Quill, and has received awards for her poetry from Chowan University.

Fifteen Minutes

Rebekah Heintz

Rebekah Heintz is currently seeking a BA in English: Creative Writing Emphasis at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah. She is the author of "The Crawl Space" published in 2021 in The Southern Quill. She loves to read, write, and play video games. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and playing Dungeons & Dragons with her parents and siblings on Sunday nights.

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Ramon Jimenez

Ramon Jimenez is a writer and educator who resides in Seattle, WA. He teaches language arts and runs a summer youth poetry program. He writes poetry that focuses on immigration, culture and travel. He is interested in exploring locations and how they connect to memories. His poems are published in Rigorous Magazine and the Anti-Languorous Project.