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Robyn Minter

Robyn Minter is an avid fiction reader and writer who lives in Texas. She wrote her first story well before she could properly spell, and discovered the irreplaceable feeling of creating a world all your own. After joining the USAF, she had to put aside her passion to focus on serving her country. Now a veteran, she is intent on reigniting the fire for creating tales that she felt in her childhood.

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Briley Wycoff

Briley Wyckoff is a student at Dixie State University studying both English Literature and Piano Performance/Pedagogy. She spends what little free time she has writing, reading, composing music, and playing sports. She has completed her first full-length novel, which is in the final stages of editing. She believes the most important things in life are family, faith, friends, and chocolate-covered cinnamon bears.

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Christopher Bresnahan

Christopher Bresnahan currently works at a therapeutic school in Portland, Oregon, but he's originally from New England. In his spare time, he writes flash fiction, or bikes around town, or attends skull shattering metal concerts.

Kevin Barkman

Kevin Barkman is a theatre artist and stagehand who dabbles in the creative writing world. He graduated from the Mississippi University for Women (coed since 1982) in 2017 with a BA in Theatre. He has been a lover of the Arts in all facets since he was a child. Kevin takes inspiration for his writing from many sources including film, television, and anime. He's been exposed to science fiction from a young age, growing to love many forms of the genre. It has helped him envision many possibilities for our world. He hopes to use his life and writing to inspire others in their pursuit of the Arts.

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Ashlie Chaston

Ashlie Chaston is a Northern Utah native and is currently attending Dixie State University as an English major. Although she is only 18, she has already done much in the field of English. She was her high school's English Sterling Scholar, has edited a novel that is currently in the works of being published, she has won many writing awards, and is currently working on a fantasy series that she plans to publish one day. Additionally, Ashlie owns a writing account on Instagram that boasts over six thousand followers.

Kris Green

“The Mouse”, written as a metaphor for anyone who is living with depression, Kris Green believes the story could symbolize an even more wide appeal for anyone who is struggling with any psychological disorder or even a disease. He lives in Florida with his pregnant wife and two-year old son, Tennyson James. In the past year, he's had two short stories published one through Flume: The Haberdasher: Peddlers of Literary Art and the other in In Parentheses Magazine.

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Danielle Talbot

Danielle Talbot, upcoming Creative Nonfiction Editor for The Southern Quill (Spring 2022), is a Senior at Dixie State University pursuing a BA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a minor in Art. She enjoys music, podcasts, writing short stories, and traveling. She finds inspiration from nature and the wonders hidden within. The 70th Anniversary edition of The Southern Quill contains two of Danielle’s first published pieces, “Invisible Beauty,” a story of self acceptance, and “Isolation,” a haiku about losing one’s humanity in the modern world. She hopes to one day become a published author for young adults.

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Bill Richter

Bill Richter is a writer living in San Rafael, CA where he lives with his wife, child, and dog. His fiction has appeared in Catamaran Literary Reader, Typishly, So It Goes, The Ocotillo Review and The Kentucky Review. He also has had other work published in the books Hungry? San Francisco and Thirsty? San Francisco.

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Maia LeFevre

This story is one of the favorites Maia has ever written. It was inspired by her own experience with appreciating nature. Star gazing was an escape from reality, and she has fond memories of driving to the outskirts of her hometown to get a better view. Currently, she attends Dixie State University as an English major. She absolutely loves to learn, and someday hopes to be a college professor and successful author. Maybe the next J.K. Rowling. Only kidding, but a person can dream, right?! Maia has had several influences in her life who have taught her to stop and appreciate the world around her more, and for them she can never run out of gratitude. She can only hope to continue sharing the message, and that people find her stories inspiring and fascinating.

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Spencer says he was unfortunately born and raised in Provo, Utah. He has 5 siblings (shocker) and a dog named Jack. In his spare time he loves to sing, read, and watch movies. He has always loved reading, but this is his first piece of writing he's seen through to completion. It's not long or all that impressive, but he's proud of it.

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Spencer Macdonald

"Glimpse of Heaven" by Janine Delport