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Unarchived: "Morning has Broken" by David J. West

While we've been stuck in our new reality (thanks, Covid!), we forget that nature can be an incredibly healing force. It's early March and the spring blossoms will start appearing any day now.

Photographer David J. West published a few beautiful photographs in R7's very first issue. How do you pick just one beautiful scene? He had me at daisies--the happiest of flowers. Or, maybe they're coneflowers or asters. No matter what you call them, they make me happy. Is it spring yet?

In Mr. West's own words, "There is nothing more amazing, in my opinion, than watching the morning sunrise surrounded by wildflowers." I couldn't agree more.

"Morning has Broken" by David J. West

View more of Mr. West's gallery via Route 7 Review's Issue 1.


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