• William Blackburn


The train rolled by Too industrious busy to notice my deep-darkening sky I, on the platform, fresh ticket in hand To ride that steel stallion in meadows green, hoped I Another, fairer life beckoning from afar Once seated safely within those rail cars The train rolled along Steam-puffing it's melodious, commodious, disquieting song Foot-to-foot shifting, nervous awaiting More swimmer than gardener, pits and palms sweating Dry mouth indiscrete, daring a moment to speak That moment slipped past in a flash and a squeak The train rolled on Through the length of callow night, out into burnished dawn Caboose light dangled, passing just out of sight Shame behind fear hidden, shrink in my seat, rear pew Watch with loss dread as vows before all are made Lives joined together, another set adrift by a maid The train rolled away I, standing still-life, as memories fade from yesterday



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