• James B. Nicola

Talent and Hope

The sadness of a soul with no true talent is not so great as one devoid of hope.

Hope, then, if not for one thing, for another and then another if that doesn't work.

The talent is the hope; the valueless becomes most valuable with point of view

and flexibility. With no capacity to hope, nor flexibility of focus,

nor talent, and aware you've none of these,

you might dream. Let those dreams, though, be your own,

not those of others handed down to you like dogma or commodities, but let

them be of others, those in need whom you might help. And if you know of none, start

looking: You will see how many live with no hope, talent, flexibility,

or dream of their own, but follow blindly the loud and brilliant. You at least have me,

and now, awareness, which is the first drop of any talent worth a dram of hope.



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