• Ken Kakareka

Queen California Karma

We’ve pissed off Mother Nature and she’s decided to retaliate by taking a flamethrower to the state of California. She’s saying, If you can’t appreciate my gifts and you must be insistent upon making a mockery of the natural wonders I have provided you – I will not stand by to let you blacken my skies with your burning coal, gas, and oil. You will not tear down my immaculate, majestic redwoods to replace with buildings. I will not let you spoil my clean air with soot and carbon pollution. No. You will not destroy me. I have long warned you of your irresponsible behavior, your lack of care for what should be so willingly easy to care for. No longer will I warn you. If anyone is going to destroy me, it’s going to be me and in the process I will do to you like you have done to me.



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