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  • Cammie Johnson

Orion Carloto, Film for Her, Poetry Review Film for Her

Written by Orion Carloto is without a doubt a collection of poetry and prose worth the read. Carloto uses both written works alongside photos she has taken on her 35 mm film camera in order to capture the beauty and divinity this world has to offer. Both influential and inspiring are words that can accurately describe this written work of art. With every flip of a page, readers are able to live vicariously through these words, reminding us all that we are not alone. Reminding us of the light buried beneath the dark. With Carloto’s famously known background as an online creator and fashion icon, she has provided each and every individual following her journey with a tangible piece of herself. It is clear Carloto uses her words to make sense of the world in a way she knows best – through her art. Her words hold such grace and beauty yet instill strength and provide encouragement for all who reads them, such as in her poem, “Self-Portrait of my Adolescent Insecurities.” Each individual poem Carloto has inserted into this collection provides well-articulated imagery and boldly displays her own unique voice and style. As you continue reading through this collection of work you may very well find yourself getting sucked in and unintentionally drowning the world around you out. In this book you will find Carloto using her work to express the gratitude she has for her cultural background as well as helping herself and others work through the challenges faced with coming of age. When faced with life's many challenges, Carloto has the words to make sense of it all. This is a book for the hopelessly in love, but it is also a book for those still trying to find their purpose.



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