• Route 7 Review

"Inactive Shooters" by Chad Lutz

Skimming the R7 archived issues is always an adventure. Somehow, the news seems to have the same, sad stories. The following poem by Chad Lutz was published in Issue 7 but still rings true today.



say the politicians

our deepest sympathies

for Odessa

& Toledo

Vegas & Orlando

already forgotten

Sandy Hook

& Columbine

& while 100%

of our politicians

say something

must be done

.0001% of them

have done anything

to make a change

to take a stand

against corporate giants

that play with our lives

like pawns in a chess match

I may not have a senator for a father

but I bleed all the same

& when I’m dead

& my red blood

floods some dime-store

parking lot

my favorite

movie theater

my only hope

is that I won’t end up

just another face

on the evening news


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