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After a successful 8th issue of Route 7 Review, we wanted to thank our contributors and keep our readers informed. Let's blog!

Over the next few months, the editorial staff will keep you updated and entertained. We will revisit some of the most memorable published works from our archives and maybe surprise you with some new, previously unpublished content.

Stay tuned!


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Revisiting "Unraveling" by Jennifer Brinkley

I came across this gem in our fourth issue. A brilliant piece by the talented lawyer, professor, and writer Jennifer Brinkley, “Unraveling” is the paper cut that seems small but stings for hours after

Class of We Survived

Standing solo in a crowd conversations all around. To the laughing, swarming, hum; only Silence met my lips, and Water coated my tongue. I clench my fist. Remembering all the times The pointed fingers