Exercise in breaking the fourth wall

Walls broken down by communicating directly with you, my reader

Readers, Cheaters, we near all need corrective lenses

Lenses angled with the sun making laser beams from the sky

Sky of heavy clouds and rain and pelting hail

Hail the new day, new dawn, when all the world seems a better place

Place, do you know yours? Should I care about mine?

Mine, as if anything owned has value beyond the grave

Grave concerns- of true import, but really only gravy matters

Matter-of-fact, or is that a perception too?

Too little attention paid to the reason for being here

Here we are in this moment together, pondering these words

Words that might divine the Truth for anyone

Anyone, heck, everyone has their version of Truth

Yet we wonder why we so often fail to agree

Agree- can we concur this is all just an exercise?